Running on gluten-free carbs…

The dreaded taper

First of all…YAY!  It’s race week!

After a couple weeks of nothing on my calendar, I have a fabulous four mile race coming up on Saturday morning.  It’s local.  Held in Cherokee Park in Louisville, Kentucky.  It’s a park I know well.  It’s the hilliest freakin’ park I’ve ever run in.

Secondly…BOO…race week means it’s time to take it easy on running to have well-rested legs for the race.  Granted, this is a shorter race, but I’ve found that the taper is a necessary evil when it comes to running.  Why give everything during the week only to wake up with tired legs on race day.

I’m still running…just not as hard and not as much this week.

And…it sucks.

This morning, I headed to the gym and got on the treadmill.  I was cruising for 2 miles at a fantastic pace of 7.2 mph, throwing in some varied inclines every couple of minutes, keeping the pace, finding that I wasn’t having to grab hold of anything.  It felt amazing!!

And I wanted to go for longer.  I wanted to change my mileage from 2 miles to 3 or 4…but…I didn’t because that little voice in the back of my head reminded me of my race on Saturday morning.

Let’s face it…the taper SUCKS!

Especially when you are so accustomed to running so much, as I have become.  Cutting back isn’t easy.  But…I know I’ll benefit from it on Saturday.  Hoping to see if I can best my last 4 mile race time.

Here’s hoping all this running, and the taper, pays off.


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