Running on gluten-free carbs…

Building up and breaking down

This week on my designated gym days, I’ve had some pretty amazing runs.  I’ve run strong.  I’ve run quick.  And it’s felt amazing.

On my non-gym days, when I just go for an easy run, the runs have been challenging, but good.

And tomorrow…I race!

And normally, this is an exciting thing and I’m bouncing off walls and it’s all I want to talk about.  But today, it’s different.  I’m not excited.  I’m not thrilled.  In fact, I am sort of dreading it.  Some of it may be the weather prediction for rain.  Not that I haven’t run in rain before.  Most of my races have been in downpours.  But, perhaps, the combination of cold and wet that’s getting me down.  Two things that my body dislikes, especially congruently.

But such is the life of a runner, right?  And I know when I get to the race, I’ll get more in the mood for it.  I’ve been feeling fantastic about this race all week and then…BAM…Friday hits and it’s like every ounce of excitement and readiness I felt throughout the week leaves and I’m just down and not really feeling it.

I’ve run strong and great this week.  Why the sudden blahs?

Well, whatever the case and whatever the weather, I’m going to hit the 4 mile Snowman Shuffle run tomorrow morning and hope for the best.

For now, I’m going to attempt not to let my mood affect my running.  Cross your fingers.  Wish me luck.


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