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A Family Affair

Making Tracks for Celiacs 5K Race

Making Tracks for Celiacs 5K Race

In just a couple of hours, I’m hitting the road.  Not running.  At least…not yet.  I’m hopping into the car and driving South.  To beautiful Birmingham, Alabama.


Well, for starters, my family lives there.  My parents, siblings, their spouses, and their offspring.  All of them.

And on Saturday morning…bright and early…something amazing is going to take place at Veterans Park in Hoover, Alabama.  What might this glorious event be?

A race of course.

More precisely, it’s the Making Tracks for Celiacs 5K Race.  Benefits for this race go to Center For Celiac Research and the Birmingham Celiac Disease Support Group.  And for this gluten-free runner, this is a big thing.

But that’s not the reason this race is so important.

This race will mark the debut of my brother-in-law, Bryan Morrow, as a road racer.  Yes…he took up running a little while back and he’s actually quite good at it.  I had the honor of being able to run with him when I was home at Christmas time, which was a nice treat.  My runs are usually solitary, so it was nice to have a little relaxed conversation and just hit the road with another person outside of a race.  I’m so excited to be a part of this event that will welcome him into the fold of races.  I hope it only makes him want to enter more.  I know after my first race I was hooked and ready for another one…and then I just kept searching and finding more and more to enter, working up the miles slowly, until I ran my first half marathon back in September.  I want this for him. Maybe not at the pace I took for myself, but I do hope that he fines the joy I did through running.  Taking time to enter a race is a great start.  I love the race atmosphere and just can’t wait to get his take on the event.

And then…something else amazing happened.  I got a phone call from my dad last night.  He informed me that my grandpa, the one I wrote about in my past entry about my road hero, is going to be in town.  He was just going to stay one night, and then my dad told him about the race Bryan and I are doing.  He said he’d just have to stay for that.  Then he inquired if I’d mind if he ran it too.  Of course, grandpa is no longer running, but the option for him to walk it is there and I hope that he takes advantage of it.

These are exciting days and I’m so ready to get on the road, get to my family, and have a great race day tomorrow.

If you are in Birmingham, Alabama and want to check out the Gluten-Free Expo (on the campus of Jeff State Culinary and Hospitality Institute) or participate in the 5K Run/Walk…head over to the Web site and check it out:  The Great Gluten-Free Expo – Birmingham, AL.

And Bryan…I’m proud of you.  I can’t wait to run with you again!


One response

  1. Sweet!

    I have a puny little 3-miler on deck for tomorrow, with a new running group I might join (except it’s very girly-girl pink crap and stuff, and I’m not real into that…) but 3 miles is good for my poor recovering lungs.

    Have a great weekend!

    February 24, 2012 at 9:03 pm

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