Running on gluten-free carbs…

150 miles of road behind me…

150 Miles

150 Miles

I have to blog about the amazing race that I ran in on Saturday that helped get me to this point…but thanks to an outdoor run last night and a run this morning, I have reached yet another milestone toward my running goal for the year.

This morning…I topped off the tank at 150 miles.

I’m here on the cusp of March and already down to just needing 350 more miles to achieve my goal.  With four half marathons already booked this year, and one more as a possibility, this goal is looking more achievable each day.  Now, that’s not to say there won’t be days that I can’t run…or don’t.  With upcoming events comes the build up and the taper off.  And with that miles come and go.  So, while I’m wracking them up currently, I have my first half marathon in May and recovery to follow from that.

I’m excited.  And seeing my goal edging closer and closer just only makes me want to lace up my shoes again and head out on the road.

If this sort of weather keeps up, that might be feasible.

Also…in an upcoming blog, I have a new Monday routine thanks to me going out on a whim last night, stepping a little out of my running comfort zone, and just…making myself do something I normally wouldn’t.  And in the end…I had fun and got in a great run in some unseasonably mild February weather.  It was just what I needed.  And, thankfully, I have a good support system in my roommate who, even if I fight it, tells me to go out and run because I’ll feel better.  She’s right.  I always do.

150 miles is a strong start this year.  I hope I can maintain my health, remain injury-free, and keep it up.

Looking ahead now…towards the next 50 miles.  Thank you, feet, for carrying me through these 150 miles.  Onward…upward…and forward!


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