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Shamrock 2 Miler – Jeffersonville, IN (March 13, 2012)

Crossing the finish of the Shamrock 2 Miler - Downtown Jeffersonville, Indiana

Crossing the finish of the Shamrock 2 Miler - Downtown Jeffersonville, Indiana

Race: Shamrock 2 Miler

Place: Downtown Jeffersonville, IN

Date: March 13, 2012

Time: 16:25

Wait?  What?

A road race on a Tuesday night?

You aren’t imagining things, it happened, friends.  Last night, Jeffersonville, Indiana hosted a great 2 mile run in fantastic 77 degree weather. Actually, after I got moving it seemed too hot for the run, but it was a beautiful night and a great night to run.

This isn’t the first time I’ve run a race that was hosted by the Fast Freddie people.  I ran the Fast Freddie Five Mile Foot Feast on Thanksgiving this year and absolutely loved it.  If there is anyone in this area who knows how to put on a race, it’s this group.

I actually heard about this race from the race flyer at the YMCA where I go to workout.  After some consideration, as it is also my roommate’s birthday, I decided to go ahead and give it a whirl.  Afterwards, we’d go home and celebrate with some gluten-free lemon chiffon cake (homemade by me!) and kick back the rest of the evening.  It couldn’t have been a nicer day.

The sun was out.  The March weather felt like summer.  And after a four mile run that morning, I was ready for a quick two mile road race.  And why not?  I mean…it was a great way to wrap up a Tuesday night for sure.  I changed at the office into my running clothes and we headed down to the race.  Packet pickup was in a little banquet hall, and the start and finish lines were just outside.  No confusion.  No problems.  Just a simple race.  And, as a bonus, the top 100 male and 100 female finishers received a medal.  Awesome.  I got my bib number, bought my t-shirt, and got pinned up so I’d be ready when race time came.

We were in town early, not knowing what the traffic situation might be like.  So, we killed a bit of time at a local novelty store before heading over to where some of the runners and walkers were milling about outside.  I was watching a couple of “running diva’s” (my own little name for them) begin their stretching routines an hour before the race.  While I admired quite a few of these stretches and could see the benefit of it…we’re talking two miles here.  An hour of stretching for two miles on a flat course seemed a bit…well…excessive to me.  In addition to the stretching, these two running divas had their trainer there, who was helping them flex and bend and stretch as well.  I remind me you again…this is a flat course and only two miles.  I was in awe.

But…with a shake of my head, I ducked inside to cool off and eventually start limbering up a little myself.  Before I could even start though, a coworker’s mom found us and introduced herself and her husband (my coworker’s stepdad) to us, and we talked a little bit about races.  He and I are both running in all three of the Louisville Triple Crown of Running races, so that was fun to discuss a little.  My roommate was asked where her sign was…which we had inadvertently left at home in our mega rush out the door that morning before hitting the gym and heading into the office.  It was her birthday, we had a lot of stuff going on!  So, we were sans sign on a beautiful day, but it was okay.

With about 20 minutes to race time, I went through a couple of quick stretches, just to get the leg muscles working.  And then we were all told to head up to the start line for the race.  I managed to snag a pretty close spot to the front.  I was just behind these two little preteen girls who were just running in the race because they wanted a medal.  Neither were runners and both were a little overweight, but they seemed determined.  It sort of made me happy to see them out and working towards something they really desired.

Before I knew it…the whistle was blown and we were off.  They weren’t kidding when they said that this was a flat, fast course.  No hills or anything.  The only hindrance I found, aside from the unseasonable weather, was the freshly cut grass, or lawn mowing going on during the race.  Nothing like breathing some of the worst allergens on a run.  Ah well…it happens.

I felt I went out slow…probably from my four miles I put in that morning.  But I picked it up as the race went on, and at mile 1 I was just past 8 minutes.  Not too bad.  I had made the turn at that point and was heading back toward the finish line.  As I’m making my way down the path, lo and behold, right there in front of me was the younger of the running divas.  Her sister was probably close to the finish…as I had seen her make the turn as I was coming around to that point.  As I’m running, I see her begin to slow down and then…she started walking.  And I passed her.  I know it is probably not very sportsman like of me, but I smiled a little as I did it.

Despite the music playing in my iPod, I could now hear the announcer near the finish.  I was getting close.  So, I pushed harder, digging in with each step to propel myself just a little bit faster.  My roommate was jumping up and down at the finish and I hurried in, a woman sprinting behind me trying to get ahead of me…which she didn’t…and finished my first 2 mile race in 16:25.  Not too bad considering I had run about 12 hours earlier.  I felt great and went immediately to grab some water because…yeah…it was a hot day to run.

I stretched out a little and downed a few bottles of water afterwards.  And as we were getting ready to leave, we spot one of the preteen girls, the one who desperately wanted to win a medal, sprinting with all she had in her, toward that finish line.  And she crossed it…and received one of the medals.  I went over and high-fived her.  She earned that.  That’s what the running spirit is all about.  Determination.

After that, it was time to head home for some birthday celebrations.  But it was a fun little race and a great way to spend a beautiful Tuesday evening.  I hope to run it again next year.


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