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A good introduction to a triathlon

Tri at the Y, Indoor Triathlon, Jeffersonville, IN

Tri at the Y, Indoor Triathlon, Jeffersonville, IN

Another early morning this weekend.  And why not keep the activities going with one more little event before I kick up my feet and relax a little?  Because why stop after a 10K and a 3K the day before?

This morning I am participating in a local YMCA’s Tri at the Y, which is an indoor triathlon.  This is my first attempt at anything triathlon-like.  Honestly, the thought of running, biking and swimming has always sort of…worn me out just thinking about it.  The same can be said for this indoor one…except I’m fairly confident the run and biking parts will go well.  It’s that swim…

And, to make things even more interesting for me, this event runs all day in 2-person heats.  I’m am paired up with, naturally, the Aquatics Director of that very YMCA.  Because the swim wasn’t daunting enough, right?

Ah well…I think it will be fun and a fantastic way to get a feel for triathlons.  I’m actually pretty excited about it.

So expect a couple of race reports this week…including one from my first ever triathlon!


One response

  1. You rock!

    Looking forward to those reports. 😉

    March 19, 2012 at 8:39 pm

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