Running on gluten-free carbs…

Surpassing 200 miles

200 MILES!

200 MILES!

It happened on Saturday as I was making my way through the first two miles of the Rodes City Run 10K.  I hit 200 miles officially logged and run for the year.  That leaves me with a grand total of just under 300 to go.

Ever since taking up a proper half marathon training regimen, I’ve been off my run a little every day kick.  So now, I do my easy runs, I do my long runs, I cross-train with some yoga, I (started to & need to get back into) work on strength training, and yes…I take a rest day.  I am now making sure I get my long runs in as specified.  It’s funny what a goal will do to your outlook.

So, this journey started in January and by March 22, I’m sitting at 217 miles for the year.  I’m loving this.  My excitement is still there.  I love each run, yes…even the hard ones.  And with the weather being so great right now, running outside has sparked my enjoyment, brought my smile back, and challenged me with pollen, allergens, hills, and all that fun stuff that runners contend with.  But, in the end it only makes me better at running, so I push through all of it, give myself pep talks as I go, pump up the tunes, and try to pay attention to my breathing, posture, and footfalls.

I’m not saying I love every run, or that getting out for those long runs is what really makes my day.  But the fact of the matter is…I’m out there running.  And nothing quite makes me feel as free or as alive as when I’m hitting the paths, the streets, the sidewalks with my trusty running shoes and adding some well-deserved, much needed miles to my day.  Rest days are the days where I’m edgy.  I hate having to rest.  I understand the necessity for it, but…it’s so hard to turn off that part of my brain that makes me want to go, go, go…and run.

I’ve been enjoying my little journey toward 500 miles and can’t wait to get to that halfway mark.  My speed in doing so may have slowed, but my drive hasn’t.  So I’m going to keep this going and keep on pushing it.  Almost halfway there…



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