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Run for the Gold 3K – Frankfort, KY (March 17, 2012)

Crossing the finish line in the first race of the Frankfort Trifecta, the Run for the Gold 3K - Frankfort, Kentucky

Crossing the finish line in the first race of the Frankfort Trifecta, the Run for the Gold 3K - Frankfort, Kentucky

Race: Run for the Gold 3K

Place: Frankfort, KY

Date: March 17, 2012

Time: 15:23

Second race of the day.  Second race series I entered.

While the Louisville Triple Crown of Running showcased it’s 10K race, the second in the series, the Frankfort Trifecta was about to kick off in Frankfort, Kentucky, the state’s capital, with it’s first race of the three race series.  I ran in the last race last year, not knowing it was part of a series until I got there, so I vowed to run it this year.  The first race just happened to fall on the same day as the second race of the Louisville series I was signed up for.  But, thankfully, the Frankfort race ran in the evening, kicking off at 6:30 p.m.

This isn’t the first time I have run two races in one day, but let me tell you…I need to learn to really, really rest between races.  My legs always suffer on that second one because I don’t know how to kick back and rest.  Not one bit.

After the 10K I ran in Louisville that morning, I was out and about in Louisville for a couple hours following brunch.  Shopping.  A few bookstore stops and then some couch shopping.  So it meant I was up and on my feet instead of letting them recover from the 6.2 miles I already ran in preparation for the short 3K race awaiting me.

A 3K is a bit of an odd distance.  It works out to about 1.86 miles.  So, very short, very fast race.  After a bit of shopping, my roommate and I headed into Frankfort, Kentucky.  I still needed to stop by and pick up my race packet, so when we got into town, that was the first thing we did.  After that…it was to find parking.

There was a basketball tournament going on in Frankfort, but parking wasn’t much of an issue despite warnings that it would be.  We found a spot.  I had been monitoring the weather all day, and as I was running in Frankfort (which always means rain), and we had storms moving in, I opted to wear my old running shoes in lieu of my new ones.  So, on they went (replacing my everyday walking shoes) and I went ahead and got my number pinned on.  We headed up the stairs and to the street level, where the beginnings of a street festival were being set up.

We occupied ourselves for a moment by ducking into what few stores we could find open.  A bookstore, but we never buy books new anymore…and a Celtic store.  The Celtic store clerk wouldn’t stop watching us…and I hate that.  Dude, I’m not hear to rip you off.  I respect the retail industry too much, but you staring at me isn’t going to make me want to buy anything from you.  So, we departed after a quick spin around the small store and headed to a café.  My stomach was beginning to rumble, so I snagged an apple and a bottle of water and we took a seat outside to feast on the pre-race snack.

And we still had about 2 hours before the race would run.  After we ate, we moved a bit further down the street to sit at a table and attempt to kill some time.  This was a long, long, boring wait.  Booths were being set up for the festival.  Some crazy sausage with oats in it booth was cooking away and people were scurrying along with White Castle sized sausage burgers of sorts from there.  More and more people were walking around with numbers pinned on now, so I didn’t feel so out of place.  Kids were setting up on stage with homemade drums to perform in a bit.  And my roommate and I were on my iPhone, looking up local restaurants and checking out menus and reviews.  You know…it’s never good when KFC is in the city’s top 10 restaurants.  *sigh*

It felt like an eternity of everlasting boredom just sitting there, so we took a short walk around the block and returned.  More performers were up on the stage.  A really good singer provided a bit of entertainment for awhile.  And finally, about 30 minutes before the race, I set out to stretch.  And…again, I couldn’t help but giggle at the people milling about, downing GU Energy Gel and Sports Beans.  Um…this is a 3K race, not a half marathon, yes?  I shook my head and finished off my stretches.

The announcement finally came to start lining up, so with that, I headed to the start area and got into what I figured was about my race pace.  There was a lot of fun energy among the crowd of runners, so that was awesome.  And then, before I could blink, we were off.

I’ve run Frankfort a few times (this was the first time not in the rain) and I know much of the normal race course.  It involves inclines at a few points, which is never a good thing on race-tired legs.  But I powered through them as much as I could.  There were some awesome volunteers and people out cheering as we ran through the town, made the turn just before the capital building, and headed back.  Thank goodness that when you go up a hill one way, you go down the hill another way.

I was hoping to come in at about 15 minutes.  When I rounded that final corner I saw the finish and powered it as fast as my very tired legs could carry me.  The announcers commented on with how I was powering it in for the finish, so that was encouraging.  But, I fell just short of getting done within 15 minutes…by 23 seconds.  But, on tired legs that never really got the chance to recoup…that’s not bad at all.  I’ll take it happily.

I love running in Frankfort.  It’s a race-friendly city and you always get to run up to or around the capital building.  This is why, when I have the chance, I race there.  After I crossed the finish line, I downed a bit of water and, since the storms were coming in, we didn’t hang around.  My roommate and I headed off to find the car in the parking garage and head back to Louisville.  We met the storm along the way.

It took a couple days for the race results to post, but they finally did.  The official standings for me for the Run for the Gold 3K, the first of three races I’m scheduled to run in Frankfort, aren’t what I hoped, but not bad at all.  I finished 7/122 in my age division and 104/793 overall in the race.  I’ll take that with a happy smile on my face.

But there was no rest for my tired legs yet.  The next morning would bring one more challenge before I could rest my weary legs.  But that’s the next post…


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  1. Good job! Congratulations!

    March 23, 2012 at 12:21 pm

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