Running on gluten-free carbs…

The final leg of the Louisville Triple Crown of Running

Papa John's 10 Miler, Louisville, KY

Papa John's 10 Miler, Louisville, KY

Today, on my lunch break, I’m heading into Louisville to stop in at Papa John’s Stadium.  Packet pick-up is going on, along with a race expo, for the final race in the Louisville Triple Crown of Running.

What’s on deck for Saturday?

The Papa John’s 10 Miler.

I’m super excited about the race.  I have a goal in mind, and hope to stay on pace to achieve it.  It’s been awhile since I’ve run this far in a race.  The last long race I had was just 3.1 miles further…the Chicago Half Marathon.  So, this race will also give me some key information on how I’ll do in my first half marathon, which happens in May.

The Louisville Triple Crown of Running has been a lot of fun to participate in.  I can see why it draws so many people and has so many spectators along the way.  I hope there are a good number of them out there this weekend, because 10 miles is a long time and some stranger in the crowd just cheering you on does help give you that extra push.

I was actually a bit concerned about this race yesterday, mainly because when I was hauling trash down at the office I twisted my knee weird and it was twinging the rest of the day.  This meant my afternoon run in the park was nixed, which I hated to do, but knew I needed to or else risk not being able to run on Saturday.  As it stands, I iced it a couple times last night and this morning it feels great.  So hopefully that will continue throughout the rest of the day.  Unfortunately, today is a rest day, so no running.  I’m despise rest days, but understand the importance of them.

So…I’ve come this far.  I have had really great races for the Anthem 5K Fitness Classic and the Rodes City Run 10K over the past couple of weeks.  This race is the one I have been anticipating.  Up until yesterday, they were predicting rain.  I was grumbley about that, because, honestly, 10 miles in the rain does not sound like fun.  But, it seems the weather moves through today instead which leaves beautiful temperatures and weather for the race on Saturday morning.

This will also be my first time running while wearing a GPS watch.  My Garmin is going to get road tested immediately in a race since I wasn’t able to go out and give it a whirl last night on a run.  I’m hoping the Garmin (which I named Dean after the Ultramarathonman, Dean Karnazes) will help me maintain a good pace throughout instead of having me go out way too fast (something I notice I do a lot on my training runs).

So, stay tuned.  My first ever go at the Louisville Triple Crown of Running is about to come to an end.  And I’ve really, really enjoyed myself throughout.

Papa John’s 10 Miler…I’ll see you on Saturday!


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