Running on gluten-free carbs…

Halfway to 500 miles!

250 MILES!!!

250 MILES!!!

A milestone was set during the race I ran yesterday.  Yes.  At Mile Marker 8, as I turned into a very strong wind and was nearing the final two miles of the Papa John’s 10 Miler in Louisville, Kentucky…

250 MILES!!

It’s just now heading into April, and here I am at the halfway mark to my goal of running 500 miles this year.  Let me tell you, I’m happy with where I stand on that…and extremely proud of the hard work, and runs, that have gotten me here.  Whether these miles were clocked on the dreadmill, the road, or a race, they have led me to a fantastic halfway mark.

Here’s what I have gotten out of this so far…several races, new PRs, and that fantastic feeling I get when I lace up my shoes and just head on out to hit the road.  Nothing in life makes me happier than the feeling I get when I’m running.  I am not the fastest person out there.  I don’t aim to be fast.  I just aim to meet my goals.  And every time I head out, I set one.  It doesn’t matter how short or how long the run, how hard or how easy, whether I do hill repeats or just take to the flat lands, I find joy in every run.

After such a fantastic race yesterday, hitting that 250 mile mark is just the icing on my gluten-free cake!  I am really doing this.  I am really making some great progress and headway.  And I’m loving every footfall, every breath, and, yes, even every hill.  Because what this all is doing is just…making me better.  I can see it when I finish strong.  I can see it when I set a new PR.  And even when I don’t, I can feel it in my stride, my breathing, everything about how I run.

So, here I sit…halfway there…and I couldn’t be prouder.

For all of you who set your own goals this year…I hope you find your hard work paying off as well.


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