Running on gluten-free carbs…

450 miles covered and a half marathon on the horizon

450 MILES!

450 MILES!

450 MILES!!

Can you believe it?  I hardly can…but it’s all been possible because of the hard work I’ve been pouring into each run I take.

I’m in training.  Again.  Actually, it seems like I never really stopped training.  I went from a half marathon in Indianapolis at the beginning of May to another one, this time in Minneapolis, on Sunday, June 3.  It wasn’t the best planning, I know, but it was how the cards were dealt.  Imagine my surprise when I plugged the new race info into my iPod app and already was up to having to run 8 miles on a long run.  Craziness.  But…the life of a runner is never boring.

As my training has progressed to this, the second of four…maybe five, half marathons for the year, I’ve covered a lot of road.  I’ve dealt with minor set-backs (injuries) and I’ve struggled with finding things that I can handle eating while running (I still have yet to master that!).  On top of that, maintaining a healthy and balanced diet to fit my restrictive dietary needs (I’m a gluten-free vegetarian!) and not dropping pounds has been an even more epic battle.  Making sure I get enough protein…an even bigger battle.

But that’s a different story.

Yesterday, I was out on my last easy training run before the half marathon on Sunday.  And in those short 2 miles I covered, I rolled over the 450 mile mark.  This leaves me with less than 50 more miles to cover until I reach the goal I set in January.  Hmmm…I think it’s time to up the mileage!  I can’t believe I’ve reached the goal so quickly.  Considering that in January I was bummed out for getting  a slow start, my training schedule has certainly made up for it.  I am so happy my feet can still carry me miles down the road at whatever pace I feel I want to maintain.

Today, I head to the airport to fly to Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I’m running in the Minneapolis Half Marathon on Sunday, June 3.  The weather looks like it will be perfect for running.  Ideal.  And…even better…my grandpa is going to be there.  He’s the one who inspired me to put on running shoes and hit the road and the fact that he will be at the race means so much to me.  I look forward to crossing that finish line and giving my family and friends hugs and just reveling in the moment that he was there to see it happen.

I’ve been so ready to make this trip.  And now that it’s here…I’m ready to get running.

Perhaps that’s the taper talking…but this race on Saturday means the world to me.  I’m ready to run it the best I can.


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  1. Good luck on your race!

    June 1, 2012 at 3:00 pm

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