Running on gluten-free carbs…

And so I ran 500 miles…

GOAL: 500 MILES!!!

GOAL: 500 MILES!!!

Today pretty much marks the halfway point of the year.  And what did I accomplish on my three mile hard training run this morning?  500 miles this year.  Exactly.

500 MILES!

I hit my goal.  Already!

I really wanted to make the last three miles count.  Seriously.  So I was very glad that it fell on a training day when a hard run was required.  This meant more speed, more inclines, more power.  And it meant that these last 3 miles toward my goal of 500 for the year would mean a little more at the end of it.

So I really worked it.  I made every moment of this run count.  I ran at a harder rate, getting my heart pumping, working for each mile.  And in the end I couldn’t be happier with the results.  Yes…inclines and speed work are tough.  But hitting that goal made it all worth it.

I am in a steady training schedule for my next half marathon, which hits in September.  So, I’m back to a strict schedule on my runs.  And after that, I have one more half marathon in mid-October to run.  I’ve been contemplating a fifth one this year and have it narrowed down to two.  One is up in Indianapolis (again), while the other one is closer to home…here in Louisville.

Additionally, I have a bunch of races I haven’t signed up for which I need to.  Perhaps that’s how I’ll spend my break today at the office.

With races in the works, looks like downtime isn’t in my future.  But that’s okay.  I like it like that.  Hell, I’m the girl who goes on vacation and keeps on training.  This is how you know you love to run.  I don’t have to convince myself to lace up my shoes.  I don’t have to talk all bad ass about my running (because I am not a bad ass runner).  I don’t have to comment about how great a run feels.  I just run for the love of it.  I finally found something in this life that I love.  And the best part is…I don’t have to be good at it.  I just have to keep my passion for it.  The key is to run smart.  If I hurt or ache…I take a day off or run slow.  If it’s hot…I run early or late.  If it’s hot on a workday, I keep the run short and I listen to my body.  That’s the key to any run…listen to your body.  If you go out too hard, too fast, do too much when your body isn’t ready for it…you get injured.

I know.  It happened to me last year in the race I’m running on Saturday in Frankfort, Kentucky.  Trust me…no runner wants to be sidelined for months with a stress fracture in the foot and runners knee that just won’t get better.  But it happened.  And I limped and hobbled my way through June, July, and August before I was able to get back into running.  And it sucked.  Far better to run smart than to do yourself damage.  It saves on medical bills…and a lot of unhappiness.

I’ve learned a lot in the time I’ve been running and I’ve learned to set feasible, reasonable goals.  With that said, my goal on Saturday is to run a good race.  Am I aiming for a specific time?  Yep.  I came in last year (on injury!) at 45 minutes.  I want to beat that.  But, it’s going to be warmer this Saturday, so we’ll see how it goes.  The most important thing is that I go out there and have a good run…and more importantly…have fun doing it.

So…with these 500 miles behind me…time to set a new goal.

I’m open for suggestions.


2 responses

  1. Amanda Jenkins

    Just so you know…… are a bad ass runner. I’m so proud of you. And a little jealous too. 🙂

    June 14, 2012 at 4:26 pm

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