Running on gluten-free carbs…

A sincere letter to my left foot

Dear Left Foot:

I don’t know what more I can do for you.  Ever since you were hurt, I have done my best to take care of you and get you back into running form.  But you are fighting me with every step.  I have bathed you in Icy-Hot.  I have rested you on an ice pack.  I have given you gentle massages.  I have kept you elevated.  I have even stopped running.  And you know how much I hate not running.  I’ve sacrificed for you in hopes of getting some compensation and a little relief in return.

But tomorrow is a 4 mile race I have been really looking forward to running.  And you still aren’t better.  I’ve done all I can for you and said prayers to the running gods that each morning I’ll wake up and take a step…and not feel pain.

But you have let me down each and every morning since the injury occurred.

I know runners have the mantra to run through the pain…well…tomorrow that is what I will have to do.  Slowly.  Easily.  The very things I hate doing during a race.

I’m starting to wonder if my plan to really push myself on a race will ever come to be.

So…I ask again…before I rise to get the ice pack for one more night…please…please feel better in the morning.

I have my athletic tape ready in case you protest…but I’d really like to be able to move without limping or wincing.  And I’d really like to…RUN!

So, please…have a little mercy on the runner who has taken some mercy on you.

Please?  I bought you new running shoes last weekend…that should be incentive enough…

With my sincerest hope and gratitude:



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