Running on gluten-free carbs…

Running through a hurricane…

Indianapolis Women's Half Marathon

Indianapolis Women’s Half Marathon

Well, I was hoping and praying and dreaming of a nice day for the Indianapolis Women’s Half Marathon on Saturday morning.  But it seems Hurricane Isaac has other plans for the race.  So, as much as I was hoping to stall any chance of me running a half marathon in the rain…it seems like this will not be the case.  It is going to happen…on Saturday.

Am I worried about it?  Nah.  I mean, yeah running for 13.1 miles in the rain isn’t my idea of a great time…but I do love to run in the rain.  Hurricane weather, however, I’m not too sure of.

As it is, they are predicting winds up to 7 mph and about 6 inches of rain in Indianapolis.  That’s a whole heap of rain.

So, if I like to run in the rain…why the blog?

Because…I just got new running shoes not too long ago.  And, sadly, running in the rain shortens the life of shoes by…a lot.  So, the hard-earned money I put into those new kicks…is about to be shot.  I will do my best to get them dried out as soon as possible.  This means I’ll probably be grabbing a newspaper at the hotel and getting the inserts out of them as soon as possible.

As of now, the race is set to go off as planned.  However, if there is lightning…there will be a delay of the start of the race.

I trained so hard to get back to running in time for this race.  I’ll run it rain or shine.  And I know I’ll have a blast doing it.  This race means a lot to me because I had to really fight my way back from injury…taking baby steps…working with the most amazing podiatrist ever…and taking a hit on my training…but it’s been worth it.  And I want this race to be good.  Even if Hurricane Isaac drenches me from head to foot.  Even if it means I have to go buy new shoes when all is said and done.  The fact that a month ago I couldn’t walk…but in two days I’ll be heading out for a wild, wet, crazy 13.1 with 1799 other women in the streets of Indianapolis.

Amy I ready for this?  Yeah.  As ready as I can be and ready to shine as best as I can given the circumstances.  No new PR will be set on this race.  I have to run this one smart so as not to injure myself again.  My podiatrist was kind enough to get me to this race I owe him the respect of following through on my promise to run this one easy.

In the end…it will totally be worth it.

Rain or shine.

I’ll be at that finish line!


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