Running on gluten-free carbs…

Two weeks recovery to a second half marathon…but baby, I was born to run…

Louisville Sports Commission Half Marathon

Louisville Sports Commission Half Marathon

Two weeks ago, I ran my best half marathon to date at the Hershey Half Marathon in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  Two weeks ago.  So, when it came to training for this half marathon I am running in Louisville this morning, it consisted of a few short, easy runs, and a 10 mile run last Sunday morning.  And that was all the time I had.

The only reason I signed up for this half marathon was that it is literally in my backyard.  One short drive over the river into Louisville, Kentucky and…there we are!  I promised to treat it as a training run.  A recovery run.  I promised to take it easy.

And…I know that I will.  I know I will because it’s freakin’ COLD out there.  The Weather Channel claims that the temperature is currently 39°F outside, but feels like 37°F when you factor in the wind.  Pardon me while I say…BRRRRR!  Granted, I would rather run in cold weather than warm, despite not liking being cold.  Even at little 5K races, I’m a wimp when the weather turns cold.  I like a nice 55°-65°F temperature to run in.  It’s ideal and perfect.  But, after experiencing a half marathon in brutal heat and humidity, I’ll take cold.  Even bitter cold.

So, this morning, I am taking to the streets in the Louisville Sports Commission Half Marathon.  This is the second year that it has run.  Last year, I was going to run it, but I just hadn’t prepared for it and honestly wasn’t ready.  And when I saw the people at the mall walking around in the t-shirts with their finisher’s medals on…I was sad I hadn’t done it.  I knew when they announced this one that it was only two weeks after Hershey, but I wanted to run it.  No excuse.  It’s right where I live.

My greatest source of nerves and concern, however, has not been with my training.  I know I’ve trained for this.  I’ve run three other half marathons this year and still have one more to go in December.  Nope.  It was with what I was going to wear.  Before you get the wrong idea, let me explain.  I have never, as a runner, had to run 13.1 miles in 30 degree temperatures.  This is not be trying to be a fashionista runner and look as cute as possible at the start and finish.  Nope.  I just didn’t know if it was better to wear compression tights…or go with shorts and compression socks.  I didn’t know if I should wear a jacket over my tech shirt, or just go with a cold weather tech shirt.  This is all a guessing game with me.  I went ahead and bought knit gloves I could wear at the start of the race and then simply discard them as I warm up.  The fact of the matter is…this race isn’t going to get much warmer than the temperature when it starts.  A couple degrees…and that’s it.  And that was my biggest source of nerves this time around.

I’m not concerned with my time on this race.  I’m not out to set a new PR (although it would be awesome…it won’t be happening).  I just want to make sure I am prepared for the conditions.  There is a chance we might see a bit of rain at the beginning of the race now.  I didn’t prepare for that because the rain wasn’t supposed to hit until late afternoon.  I’m hoping it stays north of Louisville.

So, yeah…as you can tell, I’m still a little worked up over it all…but I’ve settled on compression tights and a cold weather tech shirt.  Gloves.  And, of course, my BondiBand, which I can pull down over my ears to keep them warm.  This morning, I am going to just go for a run.  A really long, quite chilly run.

And when I’m done…I’m going to go get some food and some coffee…then come home and take a nice warm shower.  Because, tonight…I am heading back to the site of the start of the race for a very different sort of event.

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN at the Yum! Center.  I can’t wait for that either.  Lots going on today…but now, I’m turning my focus to the race ahead of me…and just running it the best I can in whatever conditions await.


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