Running on gluten-free carbs…

1000 miles and still days left in the year…

1000 MILES!!!!

1000 MILES!!!!

It was about the time I entered Cherokee Park on Saturday during the Mile 2 Mile run from one BlueMile running store to the other that I hit 1000 miles for the year.  And I didn’t even acknowledge the moment or anything.  Why?  Because at the time I wasn’t thinking about it.  I was having a conversation with a runner, a gentleman, that I had been running with for over half of the 12 mile run.  I was in the lead group for pace setters for the Mile 2 Mile run and we were making fantastic time, despite stopping a few times to allow time to refuel or hydrate.

I realized it as I was sitting in the BlueMile store in the Highlands of Louisville, after changing out of my running clothes into my regular clothes for the day.  I was putting on my shoes and socks and I looked up at my roommate and held up my hand for a high five.

“I’ve done 1000 miles!” I said simply, with a smile.

She high fived me and that was that.  No big celebration or acknowledgement.  There were other things to focus on that day.

That being said, this is a huge deal to me.  I mean…1000 miles in a year may not seem like much, but I set a goal this year for 500 miles, and I have since doubled that goal.  I’m at a loss of words as I sit here and reflect on this past year.  And this, my dear readers and friends, is also with me being out of running for almost 3 weeks due to a very bad injury.  I fought back through that, proved I was a better runner than before because of it, and have kept on trekking through the miles.

And the year isn’t over yet.  I’m participating in two running programs this December.  One is the annual Runners World Run Streak where runners pledge to run at least 1 mile every day from Thanksgiving into the New Year.  I’ve kept that end of the bargain up without problem.  And, in conjunction with that, my friends Armand and Ramond started a couple years back called REDD (Run Every Day in December).  They work hand-in-hand.  And…with all of this going on, I’m still training for my final half marathon of the year, which runs December 16, 2012 up in Indianapolis, Indiana.  It all keeps me motivated and keeps me energized.

So…there it is…1000 miles down for the year and still an entire month ahead of me.  I wonder what mileage I’ll tap out at this year.  And this, in turn, makes me really rethink goals for next year.  I’m excited…proud…and thrilled to have reached this goal.


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